Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 Reasons Why Efrat Dagan Should Hire Me At Google Israel

I sat down and asked myself do I have what it takes to work at Google Israel?  The even bigger question was do I have what it takes to get noticed by them?

On may 1st I "targeted" with a special marketing strategy some key people from Google Israel that where leading figures from the HR Department and without disclosing how I got noticed I did (It happened very fast I even wasn't ready with my LinkedIn Profile).

Now to the big question, Should Google Israel Hire Me? Well I thought about at least 5 reasons why they should and 1 reason why they shouldn't.

Reason Number 1:
I Got Their Attention,
Think about what would you pay to get noticed by the HR department at Google, while some people send CV's over and over without even knowing if they where ever opened by Google's Recruiters I already know that I was noticed, It only took one day.

Reason Number 2:
I know I'm good at doing a variety of things, If I set my mind to be a good employee at Google I will be one.

Reason Number 3:
I have good recommendations.

Reason Number 4:
I know when I make big mistakes.
I'm not perfect I make mistakes. one of the mistakes was to not fix properly my LinkedIn profile before I tried to get noticed by Google Israel. and other companies.

I used copy\paste from some sites and didn't finish fixing my profile summary before I did any other move. being a mature individual isn't something you can find in every 23 year old. I know when to say "OK My Bad! , Now Let's Get It Right This Time"

Only after I got noticed I fixed my profile but as they say, Better Late Then Never.!

Reason Number 5: Efrat Dagan Visited My Profile On LinkedIn, she is to busy to call and she say my flaws in my LinkedIn Profile, she knows I'm young and she knows that I have no Special CV to offer but... SHE THAT I EXIST.

Why shouldn't Google hire me?: well that's because I start working while I'm Planning and that can be a good thing and a bad thong it really depends on how Google See's this trait. Do they need A fast thinker that runs before he walks? or they need baby step employees.

Here Are Some Print Screens From My PC That Show That Google Israel Knows Who I Am.
You Can See That Efrat Dagan (Lead Recruiter at Google) Visited My Page.

At the end I love Google and I love their products. I have an android phone and a Google mail box. I use Blogger and I use Google Apps. In the near future I hope to receive one day a steady Google paycheck.

The Writer Dreams One Day To Work At Google.